some of our

Wagl Friends

Just like you, Waglz love to learn and explore. They would love for you to join in their adventures. Here you can meet seven of our Wagl friends, one from each book!

Waglz love to try new things
See the world through a waglz eyes
Meet one Wagl from each book

Name: Ox McGlox

Occupation: Professional Floor Polisher and Hide & Seek Enthusiast

Why I like to Read-

When I first moved into my castle, I slid all around exploring it room by room.  Just as I was getting tuckered out I slid into an amazing room whose walls were lined with books from floor to ceiling. I pulled one down and I was hooked!!  Now I make sure to slide into my library every day.  Would you care to join me? 

Name: Les Vankress

Occupation: Dreamer Extraordinaire

Why I like to Read-

One of my earliest memories of my waglhood is laying on my bed surrounded by stacks and stacks of books.  I was slaying dragons, scaling mountains and flying through  outer space all without getting out of bed. As I grew up my love of adventure has never waned.  My favorite book do have a few less pictures now but the adventures are still amazing.

Name: Tam VanKam

Occupation: Cheerleader / Expert Motivator

Why I like to Read-

Let me tell you a secret.  Sometimes I need sometime away from the cheer squad.  When I need some ‘me’ time my favorite way to recharge myself is to jump into a great book.  From Ivanhoe to The Secret Garden (two of my favorites)reading is sure to recharge you!!  Can you find a favorite story for your get away time?

Name: Dex VanFlex

Occupation: Strong Man / Car Lifter

Why I like to Read-

Many Waglz think that because I am strong and live to excercise that I do not appreciate a good book.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  My brain is a muscle and so is yours and it needs to be excercised just as much as your bi-ceps.  Reading strengthens the brain like push-ups strengthen the body!!  How strong is your brain muscle?

Name: Super E

Occupation: Librarian and Avid Reader

Why I like to Read-

The library is a quiet place but it is full of a mystery and excitement.  When I first began to read I was content with little words like up and in.  But I wanted more and so I began to dream of bigger things.  A world where glob becomes globe and cap is transformed into cape.  Simple stories became more exciting and I became…Super E – super hero and high flyer.

Name: Ave McRave

Occupation: Amateur Surfer / Wipe-out King

Why I like to Read-

To be totally honest with you , Dude, I did not dig reading when I was a little surfer dude.  I had a lot more kicks riding the waves.  But one day my surfing buddy tosses me this book called “127 and a half Totally Rad Jokes” and I was totally hooked!!  Who knew reading was so ‘totally cool’?

Name: Joe Van Gloe

Occupation: Painter / Artist / All Around Creative Genius

Why I like to Read-

When I was just a little Wagl I used my fingers to paint instead of a brush. Just as my painting started out very simply so did my reading with little words like ‘it’ and ‘if’.  Both my painting and my reading have come a long way and both are a very important part of my life!!  Want to learn to paint a picture with words?


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